Monday, October 18, 2010

Lessons I've Learned

New city, new people, new work environments.  I daresay I've learned a lesson or 10.

1.  NYC runs on Dunkin.  Starbucks is out.  Dunkin is in.

2.  The G train is slow.  And I hate it.  And it doesn't tell me where I'm going.  And I think that's rude.

3.  It IS possible to learn NYC without a smartphone.  Use your smartbrain.

4.  Birthdays in offices are a great way to get your face off a screen and into some delicious baked goodie. 

5.  Times Square is ALWAYS crowded.

6.  Foot-Friendly > Fashion

7.  It is really hard to get acclimated to homeless people on trains.  Even with headphones in. 

8.  The best way to learn is to walk.

9.  There is a struggle on the trains of chivalry vs. courtesy.  I want to believe that courtesy is winning, but when I saw a pregnant woman stand for a ridiculously long ride in front of some young men, I thought otherwise. 

10.  I still have a lot to learn. 

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