Thursday, October 14, 2010


It's the instrumental beginning of "New York, New York."  Can you tell?  Probably not.

For those just tuning in, you really haven't missed much except a funny picture of me in The Crow's Nest, my loft home until the end of October.  (See my one and only earlier post)

Since move in, it's been pretty busy-busy and I LOVE IT.  I had Monday off so I spent the day on an epic journey walking around Manhattan.  In fact, I do a lot of that, and I've got the blisters to prove it.  I was thinking a bit too fashion-forward instead of foot-friendly when it came to shoes.  Learning curve.  I started my job as a professional intern on Tuesday with Theatreworks, then had my first day and Tanenbaum yesterday, Theatre today, Tan tomorrow.  My brain feels like mush from having to learn 2 different offices, sets of people, protocols, computer set-ups, and aaalllllllll of that, but I'm hoping it will fall into place quickly.  The funny thing is that even though I am doing completely different things at each of them and they are in two really different areas, the offices are both full of hilarious, young people.  I really like that.  A lot.

Monday night I went on an adventure to Hoboken to see the amazing Casey, and the following night I hung out with Andrea.  Not going to lie.. It's really a blessing to have 2 girls I am so close with here.  I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have that little piece of home and Pitt.  Walking around Times Square with Andrea like it was nothing felt surreal, and hearing Casey talk about the work she's been doing made me really respect the chutzpah these girls have, and made me feel extra lucky that I can be here with them.  It felt very "Sex and the City," but I guess mostly just "City."

Living with a juggler is still very cool and entertaining.  Just last night I watched him put together a routine for a show today like it was nothing and I stood there in shock.  No lie, we would make a very interesting web reality show, but unfortunately we are rarely home at the same time to do that.  Booooo.  

I was able to give 2.5 out of 3 people directions around the city.  Very proud.  Not only that, but I'm getting turned around less and less on the subways, and I'm completely able to get around without the assistance of iPhone.  Thanks for the cartographic skills, Mom and Dad.  They're coming in handy.  

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