Sunday, October 10, 2010

If I Can Make It Here...

... I can make it anywhere, right?  We'll see!

After a hasty interview process and a quick week at home SURPRISE I'm in NYC until February interning at two different companies.  Time for the mandatory, sugar-coated explanation of what I'll be doing, starting Tuesday!

1.  Theatreworks USA is the nation's largest touring children's theatre production company.  Disclaimer: Children's theatre does NOT mean kids performing for other kids, their too proud parents, and deaf grandparents.  These are professional actors that go on the road in high quality musicals and plays.  Most of their shows are based off of known books, while the others are education based and written around what school curriculum is asking.  End of Disclaimer.  I will be serving as the Special Events and Fundraising Intern within the Development Department at their office in NYC.  Which  means that I will be planning this kick ass gala they have in January.  You're all invited.  

2.  Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding is a non-secular organization that focuses on bringing religious equality to the workplace, healthcare systems, and education systems.  Within that organization I will be researching and writing on Peacemakers In Action, which is a group comprised of individuals all over the world who work with their government leaders to examine roots of conflicts which may seemingly be religiously based, but are, in fact, more deeply rooted in a different point of contention.  

... So that's what I'll be doing.  At this point you may be wondering to yourself, "But where is this precious child going to be living during her stay?"  To that I say.. I'm working on it.

From now until the end of October, at least, I am living with a friend and professional JUGGLER Michael, who has a loft in his Brooklyn apt, which I have aptly named The Crow's Nest.  It fits a full sized air mattress, some folded clothes, and a hamper.  And I have to climb a ladder a million times a day.  Good thing I don't sleepwalk.  

Ahh.. My first Sunday in the City.  I spent it making The Crow's Nest a bit cozier, then wandering around Manhattan before and after seeing Michael perform.  I got asked TWICE how to get somewhere.  Do I really look like I know?  Maybe all anyone has to do is put in a pair of Apple headphones, walk fast, and have a mildly pissed expression to look like they're from here.  Worked for me.  

Then I got lost.

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